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The hihat consists of two cymbals mounted on a metal stand. The top cymbal can move up and down to open or close the hihat via the pedal. It can be played in both the open and closed positions.
That hi hat sounds so tight.
by tre013 November 10, 2006
An electronic music genre that emphasizes the very high and some parts of the upper-mid range of tracks in order to prominently feature the hi-hat sound of a traditional drum kit.

It is in stark contrast to traditional electronic dance music where a pounding bass drum sound is prominently featured, and the bass line is emphasized.

Since the absence of bass doesn't resonate through walls as easy, it is a preferred genre of club night afterhours that take place in residential areas, as it does not bother sleeping neighbors as easily.

It is considered a DJ mix connoisseur's preferred style as it exposes mixing errors more prominently.

Minimal techno was one of the first genres to experience "hi-hat-ification," as it was first featured on Norwegian DJ DJ Kristov Gjesdal's radio show "High Pass Radio."

This DJ has way too much kick drum action--he needs to get with the program and start spinning hi-hat.
by quantazl November 21, 2009
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