Habbo Hotel. a place where people gather to either make fun of people or to be made fun of.
hey, let's go to HH and make fun of the ASLers! lolz! ^_^
by Denmark October 09, 2004
Internet-speak for "holding hands". Most often used by couple etc.
Mary- i love you
John- awh
Mary- hh
John- hh
by KnockMeDown May 02, 2007
See Happy Hardcore. It's a sub-genre of techno that is similar to rave, but sounds more upbeat and happy, hence the name Happy Hardcore.
The DJ played some HH at the rave last night!
by Ravecore August 07, 2006
short for Hang'Em High from Halo. Is a multiplayer map, used for Xbox Connect games to define the map to be played on.
Host: Where next?
Me: hh
Host: Sweet, TCF
by Shiruken October 12, 2004
Acronym for "Heil Hitler" Origin is unknown.
HH. HH nah nah bullshit. HH kitty. HH azzzum
by Relteh Addy June 12, 2008
One who enjoys the CLOSE company of other men.
I met an HH last night. I just about tore his pink anal donut.
by Jewmanji October 17, 2003
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