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acronym for "here for that" or "here for this"
David looks so good with long hair, I am hft
by krisvonnnnnn November 20, 2012
High five that shit. Used in any situation where a high five would be accepted almost to the point of necessity
Tom - "Bro I just friggin got a 45 KDR in Black Ops!"
Bro - "HFTS bro!"
Tom - "Hell yeah!"
by Shnizz April 10, 2011
An acronym, "Hot From The Side"
"Hot Guy": -Turns to the other side-
Jane: With.. a giant mole the size of Canada on the other.
by TheLurveOfYourLife March 05, 2010
Abbreviation for "Horse-Faced Twat"
I saw that HFT in the hall today. I swear I got STDs just by looking at her.
by Brahseidon March 28, 2011
HOt From the Top
He can't miss, he's HFT!!
by TD20 April 17, 2009
Hawk Fucking Tooth.... A socially awkward situation that no one wants to be a part of except for the one person who is making it awkward.
You never should have invited that homeless man over for dinner, he asked if he could turn the garage into an F- shack....HFT
by Julins May 11, 2011
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