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Have fun, good luck. Sometimes in a slightly sarcastic way.
<Person1> Damn! I have to go do the washing. :(
<Person2) hfgl!! :p


<Person1> Time for my date! Yaaay!
<Person2) hfgl! x
by Masofon October 20, 2009
Internet shorthand for "Have fun, get laid"

Alternate way of saying goodbye.
- Haha, good one! But you know, I've gotta go now. Talk to you tomorrow on MSN?
- Sure thing! Hfgl, then!
- Thanks ;)
by M8io-G and PhatMark September 02, 2010
acronym for "Have fun, go learn".
It is sometimes used by students and high schoolkids as a farewell greeting, provided that one or more are leaving to study or do homework.
<MSN>Mark: "I still need to learn a lot for my exam tomorrow, so I'll be going now."
<MSN>Janice: "hfgl!"


<IRC> RoBoxxor: "gotta go now. 9000 pages to read b4 test 2morrow"
<IRC> AmyGrlz: "LOL OWNED"
<IRC> RoBoxxor: ":("
<IRC> AmyGrlz: "j/k. hfgl"
by Ravola May 26, 2008
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