The terms Hey and Hello put together for a casual effect! It's useful in IM and is unique.
Dara: Heylo!
Dara: How are ya?
UrbDicRdr: I'm cool, thx. Heylo to you too.
by Darathinas March 13, 2006
Hey and Hello all in one, a good way to greet informally!
Often used in two very distinct syllables, for effect, such as:

"Heylo! (Heyy-loh) What's up?"
by ready2rock April 07, 2008
A common word that is used to greet someone, like hello, hey, hi.
Heylo mate, how are you?
by MerryMan15 March 27, 2007
Heylo is a new greeting in the esmail dictonary. It takes the root from Hey and Hello to form the new word of heylo
Hello Nora
Hey Nora
Heylo Nora

Just say it ..
by Shiekh Semo November 09, 2011
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