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The terms Hey and Hello put together for a casual effect! It's useful in IM and is unique.
Dara: Heylo!
Dara: How are ya?
UrbDicRdr: I'm cool, thx. Heylo to you too.
by Darathinas March 13, 2006
To end abruptly in the middle of something, like an instant message or conversation. Very annoying, especially if it happens often.
-ing , -s, -ed
"Don't get distracted and cliff me."

"Everytime I get in a conversation with Wormy he keeps cliffing me!"

"He cliffs IMs at any given moment."

Wormy: Yeah so this dog got hit by a car today...
Dara: Omg how retarded! Is he still alive?
Dara: .... hello?
Dara: WORMY???
Dara: goddang it, i got cliffed again.
by Darathinas October 05, 2006

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