Chris Crocker

Very rare, but a gay person who is afraid of straight people.
Chris Crocker is a heterophobe.
by 5475768jghf March 20, 2009
1. One who is afraid of opposite-sex relations.

2. One who supports homosexuality and calls people homophobes
Person 1: I don't support gay marriage.
Person 2: You homophobe!
Person 1: You heterophobe!
by HedgehogFromJotenhiem April 10, 2014
The opposite of homophobe, a gay person that would rally behind the phrase "It's ok to be gay" but call someone a bigot for affirming that it is also ok to be straight. Much like a homophobe, they only see things from their own perspective and anything that doesn't fit in their narrow outlook warrants things like protests, boycotts, and bunched or wadded panties.
Most people, gay or straight, are reasonable normal people and accept the fact we are all different. There is the occasional homophobe and heterophobe who can only see and accept things from their own perspective, but thankfully most of us are neither of those.
by rpcamp February 03, 2014
Heterophobe - A total faggot who discriminates against normal, heterosexual people. Gay fags tend to be aggressive towards heterosexual people and don't understand that being hetero is a lifestyle choice.

Heterophobe poofters quite often band together and go straight bashing. This means they will beat someone based solely on their sexuality. It's almost as bad as racism against the white race.
"Fuck you gay fag Heterophobes, I'm going to get all my straight friends together and we're going to parade for hetero rights!"

"Not only am I a heterosexual, I'm also a Vaginatarian. But you wouldn't understand... Fucking gaybo."
by StiffieSteve May 30, 2008
A heterophobe is a gay person or closet gay activist (closet gay activists being the "straight" people who speak about LGBT rights but are gay themselves and who are too insecure to come out of the closet) who hates straight people. The differences between a heterophobe and homophobe is that the former are much more illiterate (as the third definition here proves).
Heterophobia manifests due to poor experiences with straight people or when the extremist gay or closet gay activist is an idiot and judges a whole group based on one person. Contrary to another definition here, heterophobia exists when the gay/bi person discriminates against the straight person. This can range from anything from being denied a job, help or just dehumanized.

People who hate straight people are heterophobes.
by Skialian December 12, 2013
A homosexual who has the unreasonable fear that somewhere, sometime, someone may be having heterosexual intercourse. And enjoying it.
Proud Labour Conservative is the current personification of a Heterophobe, as he has a complete fear of heterosexuals. But he also has a complete fear of using his own name.
And, for some reason, he attacks conservatives and Bush officials as homosexual.

"You think maybe he's trying to compensate for something?"
- from 'Shrek'
by Proud Conservative September 17, 2003
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