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n. A very straight acting gay man. No one will ever guess that he is gay and no matter how well your gaydar works, you'll never think of him as a homosexual.
n. A gayman who goes unnoticed under a properly working gaydar.
Who would have thought Eric was gay, he was such a heteromo no wonder my gaydar missed him.
by gaytothemax! April 07, 2004
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n. A straight man who says or does something that makes him appear gay.

adj. Of or relating to a heteromo. Used to describe a straight man who appears gay, or any act or remark which may qualify as a labeler for being a heteromo.
Even though Brian sings showtunes and wears a lot of pink, he is not actually gay, he is just a heteromo.

The way Robb commented about Andy's figure was a little bit heteromo.
by Brandiesel October 16, 2006
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Best friends that are both heterosexual but act homosexual together
Camille & Leonora giant heteromos
by Shyooooooooooooooooo September 07, 2015
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A man who is overtly masculine and seems incredibly heterosexual for all rights and purposes, including dress, interests, and public conduct, but is in reality an extremely subtle homosexual.
Corey dresses and acts like a straight guy, but he's totally into dudes. He's such a hetero-mo!
by Stormy_Weather August 06, 2011
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