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A girl of great beauty,grace and intelligence who's exxxtremly good at making jokes and pranks! The name is a replacement for "marvellous". And Hetals are worshiped by their friends.
Girl #1: Look at her. She's got a wonderful personality!
Girl #2: Yea, you're right. She is so Hetal!
by Syed Asim February 28, 2006
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the absolute coolest most beautiful asshat on this earth
Hetal is my best friend.
by Himali March 21, 2004
A word that can be used in place of the number THIRTY-FOUR
Hey Thrity-Four, whats up?
by 67 May 02, 2005
an extremly dangerous creature with red eyes mainly seen in metro stations.beware:always maintain safe distance 4m him.
luna saw hetal and she faints.
by RAJ October 01, 2004

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