A Obese Black Prostitute who attracts white males.
Joel: Hey', look at that Hershey over there, she's totally diggin' 'dat Marshmallow, you got a S'more there

Lachlan: 'Yeah!
by Hershey S'more Marshmallow March 30, 2009
american chocolate that actually tastes like sick & manure, but Americans like it because they don't know any better. Poor Americans. Try Cadbury's!
American person: do you want a hershey bar?
British person: Haha.ha.hahaha.
by yesiloveyou June 13, 2006
when a man has anal sex with a woman and pulls out fecal matter with ones penis.
I was doing my girl in the butt last night and pulled out a hershey.
by Mikeyyyyyyyy August 04, 2003

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