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The condition in which a person has contacted both herpes and hepatitis, and they have collectively joined forces to attack your body.
Doug was raw fucking two different with herpes and one with hepatitis. He better stop before he catch that herpatitis.
#herpes #hepatitis #sex #std #herpaterpes #infection
by dtr0286 August 22, 2009
The condition arising when one has contracted both herpes and hepatitis through overindustrious sexual activity. Note that this excludes, for example, simple cold sores and non-sexual forms of hepatitis such as hep A.
homeboy 1: "yo you better stay away from that bitch brah"
homeboy 2: "why brah?"
homeboy 1: "man that bitch is so nasty her herpes has hepatitis. she got herpatitis! shit!"

dumbass 1: "uuuugh look at brian that dude got herpatitis"
brian: "nah bro I got hep A from drinking the tap water."
dumbass 1: "well what about that shit on yo lip?"
brian: "man that shit is a cold sore. damn!"
#herpatitis #hepatitis #herpes #std #nasty bitches #that some shit
by LiVee August 02, 2012
A combination of herpes and hepatitis.
Dan went to Carla's last night and came back with herpatitis. Must've been good.
#herpes #hepatitis #oral #anal #disease
by JonDub November 08, 2007
This is when you have herpes and hepatitis C at the same time
Billy:Eww, that bitch has herpatitis!
Bob:What a disgusting person...
#herpes #hepatitis #herpatits #c #diseased
by Roflmfaoamp pwnage May 24, 2009
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