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High School North in Toms River, New Jersey.

Nicknamed 'Heroin High' for it's illegal drug trade, inclusing coke, weed, ecstacy, and.. what else? Heroin.
Also known for the huge ass rock rolled onto the football field before each game. But mostly for the drug trade.
It's the worst of the three high schools of TR.
Me: Oh joy. Next year I start my days as a Northie at Heroin High.
Friend: I feel bad for you. -going to East-
by Calypsion December 23, 2005
A "heroine high" is actually a term for a school teaching ninth through twelfth grade that has a major student drug problem, not for the high the drug gives itself.

Many schools gains these issues because of being in a bad area, such as a school in Toms River, NJ. A suburban WA high school, Stanwood High, also has a massive drug issue and could be considered a "heroin high". Some might not suspect it, but even in the most affluent areas these schools still exist. In the school with the highest graduation rate in NC, Lake Norman High has a drug problem as well. The money circulating in the area makes more kids turn away from "poor man's" drugs, like crack, and do other drugs, such as heroin.

The term is also applicable to other schools with problems other than heroin, because the term has already spread more widely due to the alliteration it contains. A school with cocaine, ecstasy, or amphetamines problems could still be used under this sort of umbrella term.
Have you heard about our neighbor's son that dropped out of school? I heard it was his drug problem. Serves him right for sending his kid to heroin high.
by deadfoot April 28, 2014
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