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Slang term for someone who is seemingly constantly sexually aroused by anything. Origins relate to Henry Kissinger and old jokes about "Herny's Kissen' Ya!"

Also used as a replacement for the term "Horny".
"Gosh that guy is a right Herny!"
"You make me so Herny."
by bushrat September 13, 2014
a mix of hernia and horny.
a horny person who has a hernia or has had a hernia.
intercourse usually ends quickly due to pain and swelling.
that guy is a total herny cant you tell; you can see the lump in his jeans.
by Lloyd Kicks Ass July 14, 2008
A misspelling of the name 'Henry'
usually someone who is fat, retarded, and gay but doesnt realize it.
Also a person who draws a face on his penis glues a guitar to it and parades around calling "i am elvis"
also wears womens dirty underwear
Henry gibbons who is a slightly retarded gay
by Joseph January 21, 2005
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