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1.Commonly used to describe someone or something very large.
2.Someone who eats a lot all the time.
1.Dude youre cat is huge! Hes such a Hernandez!
2.Man last night I pigged out like no ones business! I did such a Hernandez!
by C.L. January 14, 2007
2680 461
noun: One of which comes from mexico and cant read. She usually smells of cabbage and hot dogs.
Man your such a hernandez
by freeballs September 05, 2006
2755 574
What some homosexual people call oral sex.

Guy 1: Hey man can I get a Hernandez?
Guy 2: Sure! But I dont swallow.
by Butt Pirate Steve November 14, 2011
192 158
Dark, full, luscious, handsome mustache
That guy is rocking a delicious Hernandez!

Check out the Hernandez on that guy.
by Jsmooth99 November 27, 2011
107 201
If attached to a male, usually one with high appeal to the females. Really easygoing. Amazing in bed. Sexy. Cool. Suave.
1. Wow! You really are a Hernandez!
2. OMG! That was better than a Camacho...
by downright dirty March 21, 2010
221 1729
the coolest last name in the world,
many mexicans have this last name because it ends with 'ez'.
lol and only hot, awesome, rad people have this last name :D
DANG! she is
SUCH a Hernandez :]
by a hernandez! January 26, 2009
463 2344