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Hepi is a Dakota name for "the third born child who is a boy".
A mother who has three children.... if the youngest child of the three is a boy, she could name him "Hepi". Pronounced: "Hey-pey".
by Hepi's Mom January 05, 2014
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This word means.. happy. BTS J-hope used this word with BTS Jimin.
J-hope: "You look so.. hepi"
Jimin: "Yes I am hepi"
J-hope:: "why are you so hepi"
Jimin: "umm.." *tries to conjure up the sentence since his english is weak*
J-hope: "oh my gad, my heart is... my heart iss....."
Jimin: "I am hepi because going to LA"
J-hope: "Los angellessou"
Jimin: "LA maaan!"
via giphy
by LittleBrownGirlXxX February 17, 2017
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