The word that birthed the term "hip". Largely used by black Rude Boys and hipsters in Jamaica and the United Kingdom in the late 50's and early 60's, and is sometimes associated with ska.
Reel Big Fish is not hep, my friend.
Desmond Dekker is hep.
by ModSoulBrother September 04, 2006
some one fashionable (a word from the 40's)
some one who doesn't stand out from the crowd and has jeans or the thing every one else wears
she is hip hop hep! she is one hep girl!
by Sarah! March 24, 2006
Shortened form of the word hepl, which is a mistype of help. Its usage is becoming more common in Southern California.
When playing basketball and you need someone to pass the ball to, you may say "hep!" so a teammate will get open.
by Shwayd August 07, 2005
a cool southern way to pronounce "help" favoured by soul singers. This spelling is becoming popular on internet message boards.
"Somebody hep me please!"
James Brown
by mandingoe June 06, 2004
Means "help"
Taken from Esteban the bellhop in Suite Life of Zack and Cody who couldn't pronounce the word help and instead called out hep.
"Hep! I've fallen down and I need hep!"
by hepalien829 July 16, 2016
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