i don't know what a henge is, but it sure is made of stone
by hgudagbdndagdghSARS August 01, 2003
Top Definition
Japanese word for change; change of form.
Henge is seen a lot in Naruto to change from their appearance to that of another.
by Knyteguy August 11, 2004
Cornwall slang for pretty woman
check out that pro bit of henge blud.
by altros September 12, 2008
A seriously large erect penis.
He saw her, and immediately acquired henge.
by xaudust March 24, 2010
When having taken part in the collaborative, recreational consumption of foreign substances; in this case Marijuana. One will become undoubtedly "Henge". This is due to the fact that the only collection of stones quite big enough to truly symbolise the true extent of how fucked you and your chums are; is Stone Henge.
Hence the term: "Henge"
"I was gonna go to school, but then I got Henge"
"Shall we get Henge?"
"I'm like totally Henge right now!"
by enjoi89 November 22, 2011
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