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A driver that will not get off your ass.
I sure am glad that hemroid turned off, I was tired of him riding my ass.
by heminow? May 18, 2007
57 46
Basically, a swollen blood vessel on your ass.

The hooker put my hemroid between her teeth, and popped it like a fruit gusher.
by CAT_MARK_1 December 28, 2007
153 53
n. Small abrasions on the anus which cause severe disorientation in the nervous system causing the patient to become severly angry.
slang. Used to say someone is mad
dude ur dad has the fucking roids
by roids masta August 25, 2003
119 57
when ur intestines hang out ur ass and cause alot of pain
damn that hemroid i had hurt i think i passed out from the ass pain
by beaner August 07, 2004
99 76
The things that dangle off of Daddy's ass and bleed when he takes a shit.
Sure, son, I'd love to go to your baseball ga-OH MY HEMROIDS!
by Schecter August 19, 2006
62 56
A person who is a pain in the ass.
Bill: Mark can be such a douche.
Steve: Yea, that kid is such a hemroid.
by Echo5mike November 06, 2013
6 6
Thing that will hurt if you have hemoids: anal sex, goatse, drop a lung, shit, cider enema, and dirty sanchez, toilet paper, sitting
Damn! my hemroids are killing me! I shouldn't have had anal sex!
by x October 29, 2004
29 61