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A concjunction between emo and homo.

An person of the emo persuasion who also happens to be gay.
Tyler is such a hemo bitch.
by mengis August 30, 2006
12 19
Heather Morris from Glee!
Did you see Hemo's dance moves last night?
by bacbac June 12, 2011
70 8
hemo - adj/n - One who is characterized by two distinct visual cues: homosexuality and emo-ness.

n - one replete with hemo-ness
Katie: "Look at that hemo crying in the corner of the gay bar."

Joe: "What a fucking hemo loser. He probably likes getting trained while slitting his wrists."

Katie: "Stop, you're making me horny."
by urmomma42 April 07, 2006
88 52
To remove, take off, undo. As in clothing. Origin is from Hawaii. Lately, seen on a wide range of clothing from hemohawaii.com
Hemo your shirt. Hemo your pants. Hemo your attitude mister.
by James Flavin May 04, 2006
29 23
Short Version of the Great God Hemoglobin.
Alex: Hey James do you know about Hemoglobin.
James: Yea, I know about Hemo.
by HemoglobistJames June 17, 2008
15 10
A pair of hemostats used as a roach clip.
Dude throw me those hemos so we can burn this roach.
by take5burn1 February 05, 2010
5 1
An emo kid who wishes he/she was a vampire or is extremely obsessed with vampires.
If all you write is poetry moping about how you want to be a vampire, you might be a hemo.
by mordredlefay December 03, 2010
3 3
Adj: A state of being that consists of crying then masturbating, then crying while masturbating. The Horny Emo.
Emily: "Dude his pants are tighter than mine"
Matt: "He's never gonna get ass"
Emily: "Horny emo"
Matt: "No, hemo"
by bitchhpleaseee April 07, 2008
11 12