A concjunction between emo and homo.

An person of the emo persuasion who also happens to be gay.
Tyler is such a hemo bitch.
by mengis August 30, 2006
Top Definition
Heather Morris from Glee!
Did you see Hemo's dance moves last night?
by bacbac June 12, 2011
hemo - adj/n - One who is characterized by two distinct visual cues: homosexuality and emo-ness.

n - one replete with hemo-ness
Katie: "Look at that hemo crying in the corner of the gay bar."

Joe: "What a fucking hemo loser. He probably likes getting trained while slitting his wrists."

Katie: "Stop, you're making me horny."
by urmomma42 April 07, 2006
To remove, take off, undo. As in clothing. Origin is from Hawaii. Lately, seen on a wide range of clothing from hemohawaii.com
Hemo your shirt. Hemo your pants. Hemo your attitude mister.
by James Flavin May 04, 2006
Short Version of the Great God Hemoglobin.
Alex: Hey James do you know about Hemoglobin.
James: Yea, I know about Hemo.
by HemoglobistJames June 17, 2008
A pair of hemostats used as a roach clip.
Dude throw me those hemos so we can burn this roach.
by take5burn1 February 05, 2010
An emo kid who wishes he/she was a vampire or is extremely obsessed with vampires.
If all you write is poetry moping about how you want to be a vampire, you might be a hemo.
by mordredlefay December 03, 2010
Adj: A state of being that consists of crying then masturbating, then crying while masturbating. The Horny Emo.
Emily: "Dude his pants are tighter than mine"
Matt: "He's never gonna get ass"
Emily: "Horny emo"
Matt: "No, hemo"
by bitchhpleaseee April 07, 2008
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