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An ecstasy experienced when your writing is going particularly well (a scene comes out exactly as you pictured it in your head; you're in the shower and you suddenly get unstuck on a story; your writing is so good and flows so easily it's like the muse has your hand; your writer's block ends; etc).
I totally had a writergasm yesterday: a scene came to me and I was able to write it word for word exactly as it was in my head.
by mordredlefay March 25, 2011
A writers' circle whose members spend all their time praising each other rather than giving constructive feedback.
I went to this writing circle meeting because I was stuck on my story, but all they did was tell me how amazing it was. Total writing circle jerk.
by mordredlefay June 27, 2011
An emo kid who wishes he/she was a vampire or is extremely obsessed with vampires.
If all you write is poetry moping about how you want to be a vampire, you might be a hemo.
by mordredlefay December 03, 2010

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