Hemma is the name given to a person who is a very close friend almost a sister like individual.
Eg. You are my hemma, I love you very much.
I have many hemma's
by hemmahemma May 23, 2010
Top Definition
1. awesome, astounding, mind-boggling, cool

2. left in the Hawaiian language

3. may be used as in the same context as dammit or shit
1. That was fucking hemma!

2. Move to your hemma.

3. Ahhh hemma, I just forgot my keys!
by the Hemma July 10, 2008
Loosely translated, hemma means 'holy shit' in Scandinavian.
Scandy: Hemma, I forgot my car keys.

American: Huh?
by antipara December 21, 2010
Meaning alot; a variation of "Hella"
1.Dude, that frappuccino was hemma good!

2.Hemma Fuck!!!
by Justin Immel March 22, 2005
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