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Another form of "hella". Excessively; very.
Dude, that clown was helly fresh.
by Thuggalette February 09, 2004
my one and only ting ting :] she`s loveable and funnieeee :] she makes me smilee when i`m sad and i love her with all my heart =
Foo foo <3`s ting ting.
by christina January 06, 2005
the word helly refers to a person who is socially irresponsible.
they usually take hard drugs and worship kurt cabin (from the killers).
be careful if you hear of someone called a helly as they thrive on attention and can attack you at any given stage (in their search for attention)
may have nits
"i love jack wacky" - helly
"all monsters are human" - Helly
by jackywacky December 01, 2013
Whiny, pre-pubescent little punk. Can also be described by the group term wordkcsa
"I would enjoy ripping Helly's head off, and shitting down his neck"
by Lasek July 06, 2003
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