a cool word Mr. T uses
My van goes helluva fast
by firefireonyou March 06, 2004
Top Definition
Short for hell of a. Actually found in "real" dictionaries.
This is a helluva good chip dip. There is actually a dip company named helluva good dip.
by Tom Alsop May 18, 2005
adverbial intensifier; 'hell-of-a'
That was one helluva dee-lish-uss cake!!!
by Vroon September 26, 2006
A hip form of honey of a. Mr. T didn't invent it. It was uttered by Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four comics long before Mr. T came along.
Hellboy was one helluva movie.
by Alfie The Horndog September 10, 2005
Hell of a
"You got a helluvalotabitches in da car!"
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
(adverb) Very, extremely. Usually the best. As used by Mr. T
My van is helluva fast, foo!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
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