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While your girl is at the window, you take her from behind as she waves at passing neighbors or neighbors outside their house unaware that you're fucking her. Fucking your girl doggy style while she waves and converses out the window with neighbors.
Bob had no idea that I was doing the hello neighbor when he waved to Marianne in the window.
by jamesr21 November 07, 2010
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when a man is fucking a woman doggy style his friend hides in the closet, naked and ready to take his place. The friend sneaks out and switches with the original fucker of the woman. While the second man continues to screw the lady from behind the first one sneaks outside to the window which the woman is facing. He looks in and waves causing the woman to be extremely confused due to the fact that the man who she thought was destroying her from behind is now smiling and waving to her from outside.
Dude, me and Johnny totally messed with my ex girlfriend last night!

Yeah, we gave her the old Hello Neighbor
by rowdyhowdy November 02, 2010
A cardboard or plastic tube stuffed with dryer sheets, you know, the smelly good ones. used to attempt to remove some of the pungent qualities of marijuana "reefer" smoke. works better the more stoned you are. see also: spoof, snoosh
dude, hit this shit and dont forget to use the hello neighbor.
by Atler Lansing February 02, 2004

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