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(hella'toe`sis) v. Breath so bad it must be from Hell. Beyond Halitosis.
Example 1
Jay: Hey Dave, did you smell Rick's breath yesterday? It was so bad it could have literally melted the paint off a '65 Mustang... From the PRESENT day.
Dave: Dang! That sounds like he must've had some BAD Hellatosis.
Jay: Sounds? You mean smells.
Dave: What? You mean that's not a pile of dead bodies of rotting in the hot sun somewhere?
Jay: If somewhere is in Rick's mouth... then yeah.

Example 2
Robert loves smoking cloves and doesn't care if it smells like a smoldering piss soaked carpet being blown out a butt-hole to other people. He's completely unaware of his hellatosis that can bring a man to his knees, double over and up-chuck his lunch until next tuesday.
by auditus maximus December 02, 2006
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