concocted from the murky imagination of a wrestling commentator with a penchant for wearing a crown and having a long shiny staff. ofen time seen ogling young fillies of the wrestling community. taken to mean something that is generally outrageous or not usually seen - can be used in a good or bad sense
jesus! we got in a HELLATIOUS fight with those damn pikeys last night


look at her, she is HELLATIOUSLY FIT
by NATH July 16, 2003
Top Definition
having the qualities of hell. usually used as a description of something difficult or chaotic.
"That Chem exam was hellatious. I think I got an F."


"That party was hellatious last night, bro. I couldn't even find the keg."
by Puch December 25, 2007
(org. Antarctica) The state of being everything cool at the same time.
That shiznit was hellatious, that Stacy just could not handle it a second longer.
by Belle Starr May 24, 2004
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