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1. Female to male or male to male oral copulation that is not only unsatisfying, but usually painful and never results in the recipient's ejaculation.
2. Felatio provided by someone unattractive, smelly, or otherwise undesirable to the receiver.
Hank tried to smile and moan appreciatively, but the scraping of Heather's teeth along his shaft and the death-grip she had on his balls resulted in the worst hellatio ever.
by Jestermeister April 21, 2006
An uncomfortable and displeasurable fellatio-giving experience. Reasons for resentment can include duration, lack of hygiene, general discomfort, etc etc
I gave Gabe hellatio last night in the bathroom of a Taco Bell. Then he came on my favorite vintage Aerosmith t shirt and refused to kiss me afterwards.
by mitrobitch May 06, 2015
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