A word originating in the San Francisco Bay Area and used by Northern Californians. It is often a symbol of one's Bay Area words. It is a word of convenience, since it can be used in many parts of speech. As an adjective, it means "a lot of, many, various." As an adverb, it means "really, actually, very, in a high degree." It may also mean "I agree."

It may be useful to note that the expression "hella days" usually denotes a length of time much longer than several days.
"I just saw hella people running out of that building, is there a fire?"

"I ate too much. I'm hella full right now."

"That was the best night of my life."
"Hella! Me too."
by srhlwrc February 16, 2009
1. Originated in Oakland in the mid-70s.
2. Was originally pronounced "hell of" (NOT "hell of a").
3. Was funny because it confused people.
4. First used in a movie: E.T. (1982). Boy looks in fridge and mumbles to himself, "nothin' but hella shit in here."
5. Kids began to say "heck of" to keep from getting in trouble w/ parents.
"It's hella bad"
"That's hella jive"
by DontCallItYayArea August 07, 2006
A term used in Northern California to describe an extreme.
"That guy is hella chill."

"I got hella."

"NorCal is hella better than SoCal. Those stupid fucks."

Gary: "You wanna smoke some weed?"
Cindy: "HELLA!"

How many Northern Californians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
by Khatelynn December 08, 2008
Demeaning expression for the city of Los Angeles, California. Phonetically similar to ¨L.A.¨
You're not going to ¨Hell-A¨. It's full of criminals and palm trees.
by Ben654735436 April 03, 2007
North California slang for "A lot of"
"You've got hella computers!"
by son of stalin February 28, 2003
a word that is used to say a lot of something, or really, or very much so. Usually used by awesome people, and usually heard in the Northern region of California, such as the bay area, and the areas that closely surround it. It originated in the Bay. Many people that aren't from these areas don't understand it's usage and to many of them, it is offensive to their ears. Why you ask? It is one of the many unsolved mysteries of the world. It is usually a large part of the people who say it's vocabulary, and it is usually said nonchalantly and unknowingly. HELLA. learn it. use it. love it. embrace it. if you don't want to then you should probably just pull a Vincent Vangough right about now.
"Damn, I am hella stoned right now."

"Wow, there are hella people downtown tonight."

"stfu, your hella dumb."
by I am the definition of Hella. March 25, 2009
The word "Hella" actually is known within California as being a "Northern" California term. Gwen Stefani used it in her song "Hella Good" as a tongue in cheek ode to her Northern Californian friends who would say it alot.

Used to overexaggerate adjectives in place of "really", "very". Also used to convey large numbers.
The food was really good. = The food was "hella" good.

There was alot of people there. = There were "hella" people there.
by Chase Manhattan November 10, 2005

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