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While used in most areas of nor cal, people from Santa Cruz look down on it, considering it valley. This is most likely due to all the tourists from San Jose they get. If a local uses it they will be at least temprarily shunned and often yelled at by even their closes friends.
WARNING: Don't say hella or hecka in Santa Cruz
That's hella tight!
Omg you did not just say that, don't be such a kook.
by strikeuptheband March 08, 2007
Something that is of poor quality or is unfair
Ew, this rice has gross stuff in it. That's so chince.

Omg that's so chince, we got the same answer for that question but got it right.
Your're right that is chince. Sucks for you!
by strikeuptheband March 08, 2007
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