Since when did Hell become an adjective?
"Dat was hella sick"
by Raddichio February 15, 2005
Modifier, meaning either "very much" or "a large number of." A Bay Area (specifically East Bay) regionalism that dates from the mid-1970s, if not earlier, later popularized by the No Doubt song "Hella Good."
"I met this girl and she was hella fine and I tried to talk to her, but I'd drunk hella beers and was hella wasted." -- Actual quote spoken by East Bay high school student.
by Raider Nation O.G. April 20, 2006
San Francisco Bay Area Slang. First became widely used during the early 1980's.

Became more mainstream after the band No Doubt's song entitled, "Hella Good" was released.

The term is shortened from "hell of" and most likely derived from "a hell of a lot of"
That party was hella fun!

We got hella hyphy last night.

That dude was hella old.
by Aeronius January 15, 2006
Theres Hella Posts, Descirbing The Same SHit
by NormaN BayteS March 16, 2003
The word is hella sick, it originated in Northern California in the bay area. Its used for hella things, you can use it for pretty much anything, just read the conversation:
Me: Dude, that party was hella sick last night.!
Tom: I know, there was hella people!
Me: I know you got hella drunk dude
Tom: I passed out hella early, when I woke up this morning I felt hella bad bro. I threw up hella times
Me: Dude you didn't even drink that much! I had hella beers and was up hella late!
Tom: Fuck you dude your hella annoying!

by The Origionator October 24, 2011
Word used to described very or alot depending on use. Mainly used in California and by certain Ex-Californians who now live in Iowa.
Harnak and Harpreet are hella Indian and use hella hella's in daily speech.
by Friendly Grinnellian April 27, 2011

If you don't know the meaning of it without looking it up that means you hella can't use it....I got hella love for California.
JC : Damn, that was hella wack!

Whoever: Hella? You must be from NorCal.

JC: NorCal? I don't play that shit, we're ALL in California.

Whoever: Oh, I'm from SoCal...

JC: Alright, well, SoCal or NorCal, either way you sound retarded, see I'm from CALIFORNIA. You subtle gangsters, get outta here.
by Mistah Bob Dabolina May 13, 2010

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