Since when did Hell become an adjective?
"Dat was hella sick"
by Raddichio February 15, 2005
A word that cool people's too good for the southerners to use.....NOR-CAL!!!!
That's hella cool.
That hurt hella.
Your hella gay.
I'm hella tired.
by stupid loser January 01, 2004
alot, very much
that pizza was hella good.
by ryn July 23, 2003
Theres Hella Posts, Descirbing The Same SHit
by NormaN BayteS March 16, 2003
Word used to described very or alot depending on use. Mainly used in California and by certain Ex-Californians who now live in Iowa.
Harnak and Harpreet are hella Indian and use hella hella's in daily speech.
by Friendly Grinnellian April 27, 2011
When something is 66.666% more substantial than it would normally be.
"You're girlfriend is a 6, my girlfriend is a 10, she is hella sexy"
by February 16, 2010
it often replaces the word very, extremly or a lot. popular slang term in northern and central california and may be used nation wide. it came from the expression "hell of a" contracted into one word.
"That shit was hella cool!" or "There was hella people at the show last night"
or "that was hella fucking stupid"
by triple 7 February 20, 2005

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