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In reality somewhere around 14-16 months, or a time span that works for the speaker as long as things are convenient.
Baby, I love you and I wanna be with you forever.
{you move}
I feel like I'm holding you back and I think we're better off friends.
by sowingseason December 20, 2006
the one helping the boyfriend cheat on his girl.
A: So he cheated on his girlfriend with you?
Cheatee: yep.
by sowingseason December 20, 2006
Slang meaning "really" "very" or "many" that Northern Californians think is really cool. When in reality the rest of Americans think its really very stupid.
Sally: Ugh, i just came back from my trip across Northern California
Sue: Was it cool?
Sally: Yeah, except those morons kept saying hella after every 3 words.
Sue: Hella? What the hell kind of word is that?
Sally: A lame one.
by sowingseason December 20, 2006

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