Impetuously determined; willing to do whatever it takes to make something happen, even against the odds.
"I'm hell-bent on making a yoga studio a success in the hood. Maybe gang banger Wednesday will be a draw - 'I know you're down with your dawgs, but are you down with downward dog?'"
by Toridragon July 03, 2006
Top Definition
adj. Bound and determined; cannot be dissuaded by logic or reason.
Al-Qaeda was hell bent on crashing those planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
by fizzle March 27, 2004
all out; full steam; without let-up; very determined
Jimbo was hellbent on getting to La Guardia in time to meet Miranda before her plane left.
by Figleaf23 August 11, 2007
very determined, recklessly eager
She is hell-bent on finding him and seducing him.
by The Return Of Light Joker December 11, 2007
an hellbent person is someone who get shot by 50 people, ran over by at least 20 hummers, and still manage to get back on its feet and keep fighting back.
Max Payne is the perfect exemple of a hellbent person; he never gives up, even when the odds are against him.
by Samuel James Vance January 16, 2007
-noun. Hell-bent.
1. A crazy fun person who always has random things to say to brighten the mood.
2. A caring happy individual
3. Anti-Kilrahi
Quotes from Hellbent:

"I swear on Jesus. Jesus Christ and his dad. God Christ. That's a weird name for the Lord to have. Hmm. God Mc.Christ. Ahh that is better. God Christburg. God Christein! Ooooh perfect!"

"I'm really shocked I haven't heard of someone robbing a Mc.Donnalds in a Hamburgler outfit. Then again, a Hamburgler outfit doesn't really make you inconspicuous. Even though i cant remember exactly how he looks. I know he has red hair and he's a raccoon man and he has a big burlap sack full of hamburgers that somehow never fall apart."
by Kilrgrn July 23, 2007
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