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One who will try many different ways to catch fish (throws everything in their tackle box at them), but at the end will always go back to live bait.
Peter, is pulling a Heinz again, he can't catch a fish unless it's with live bait.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
Another name for a mongrel dog.
what breed is your dog?
It a heinz, 57 different varieties!
by boi means dyke October 03, 2003
To "catch up" to someone or something.
Shit, he just heinzed your ass in Mario Kart!
by Sam Laughlin February 12, 2004
One of several derogatory terms for a German. Can also be a term of endearment in the throes of passion.
"Let them kill the little Fritzes in the heat of the moment, until they get sick of it themselves." - A Red Army commanding officer, as quoted by Lev Kopelev, former Red Army propagandist, regarding Soviet treatment of ethnic German civilians on the eastern front.
by Kraut in Colorado November 10, 2004