Top Definition
Someone dumb enough to post an admins home adress, and get permanently banned for it.
Hi guys, tal's home adress is
1060 Dolores St
San Francisco, CA 94110.

by Certainlynotheffer! July 06, 2003
Homo from IGNboards....was permabanned
Man, those guys kissing are HEFFERS
by fty2 July 06, 2003
A man that likes it up the ass.
I like it like heffer111.
by notrct1221 July 06, 2003
Species Loseritus dweebetortus.
You can discover heffer111 in the darkest depths of the Vestibule.
by Hiphopotamus July 06, 2003
coolest man in the world, best at everything. has a large penis
Man, I wish I as cool as heffer111.
by notheffer111 March 30, 2003
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