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The main character in an amazing musical that was made into a movie.
Tommy Gnosis ripped off all of Hedwig's songs.
by getFuKeD April 03, 2005
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Harry Potter's snowy white owl, duh
Harry potter recived Hedwig, his owl for his 11th birthday.
by urricakoats July 30, 2006
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The meaning of the name Hedwig is 'fighter'. That's why Harry Potter's owl is also named Hedwig.
My name is Hedwig, it describes what I am.
by HarrysOwl September 22, 2013
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Oral sex, a pun on "head", as in to give headand Harry Potter's owl. Therefore it becomes to give "hedwig".
"But she never lost her head, even when she was giving Hedwig" (lesser known version of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wildside")
by horacepotter July 17, 2010
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Slang for a guy who's, let's say, somewhat unendowed.

From "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", a very bizarre movie about a guy who has an operation to turn him into a woman, and it isn't entirely successful because the surgeon left an inch that was supposed to be excised, and Hedwig's reaction to this miscalculation, thus the title of the movie.
Hey, man check out Hedwig showerin' over there. That's totally LOL!
by Colin Kelly February 15, 2007
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