Abbreviation for the words "he had".
Realized he'd started a pointless thread, goes to another forum
by _BombermanX June 03, 2005
Other members in your Crew and/or your homies.
"I got a couple heds up for Bombing some freight, you down?"
by Mech One July 19, 2005
a medical condition, you suffer from h.e.d. hotness enhancer axes tags or clicks in ther area.
i have h.e.d., that means i suffer from hotness enhancer deprivation.
by kathleenk March 31, 2007
To get high.The act of getting high/stoned etc
Lets go get h'ed. Man i was so h'ed last night i passed out.
by l.allan August 30, 2006
when a girl gets down on her knees in front of her man and sucks it all out.
she gave her boyfriend head.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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