A word created by Kevin and Arthon to be used mainly as something to say when you don't care about something someone just said or as something to let the person know you heard them usually replacing the term "lol". Sometimes used with the word "My" before it.

See Herid
charanvattanakie: when do you get out of drivers ed tomorrow?

nicemental: my hed

charanvattanakie: d00d nyse i got an "A" in advanced physics!!!!!1

nicemental: hed
by nicemental October 12, 2008
a wannabe hedonist.
" i'm such a hed, i go to a night-club, and i pay, and i do what i'm told."
by Jody Hoskins August 16, 2003
The word "hed" is commonly confused with "head." "Hed" is a synonym for "blow job."
The 98 year old prostitute next door gave my grandpa hed.
by Jimbob January 15, 2004
It's head without the 'a'
i'm gonna hed to bed, nite!
by uNF April 02, 2003
A mis-spelling of the word "head".
That guy is off his fucking head.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
half the name of a band< full name hed ped
hed ped rocks
by crapman August 16, 2003
What ma bitches be givin' me every night.
Yo bitch, you bess up wid da hed, or 'ess ah'ma pop a cap in yo skanky ass.
by DrHiz August 15, 2003

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