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moving the hand up and down the penis to create an orgasm
your mom loves to jack me off
by crapman August 22, 2003
the inside of something the very middle
the core of the earth is 1000000000 degrees
by crapman August 16, 2003
see: fiddy cent
by crapman August 17, 2003
i would like you to like to crap on my dinner and then eat it
what do u want me to do?, xizille thats what
by crapman March 15, 2003
the act of shoving crap into ones eyeball
Jhonny: what did you do today
You: opizzle
by crapman March 15, 2003
half the name of a band< full name hed ped
hed ped rocks
by crapman August 16, 2003
eat crap u piece of crap put in in your cheese i love crap
by crapman March 15, 2003

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