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The stage of arousal that occurs between complete limpness and rock hard erection. In this stage, the penis is about half engorged and is too soft to stand proud and erect but to hard to be completely flaccid. The elevated blood levels give the penis a lumbering, heavy feel. Ironically, it is possible to either urinate or ejaculate in this stage (see: messy marvin). Also, because the penis still hangs low, its increased size makes this stage ideal for attempting to visually impress or slapping sexual partners.
When my girlfriend got off the pill I had to start wearin' rubbers again. As soon as I reached for one I went from rock hard to heavy dick.
by gravity5 February 22, 2007
When a males penis is at its maximum erection.
Often so erect that it causes slight pain,
and could cause the owner to walk awkwardly
Person 1:Dude why are you walking like that?

Person 2:Because I got heavy dick right now that's why.
by Vaxon May 07, 2009
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