crying or in general being too emotionally upset over a situation that's not really that serious -- in honor of the miami heat regular season postgame ritual
quit heating; no one needs to go to jail because someone smudged your puma
by gangstafred March 09, 2011
Top Definition
1. A gang/mafia term regarding the illegal traffic of guns. This references how a automatic type weapon heats up with prolonged use and how stolen goods are "hot".

2. Also, referring to the act of selling or using these guns. Particularly in assassinations. This is in conjunction with the word air-conditioning

3. A cover for a gang/mafia business in illegal use of weapons.
"I put in some heating for Doug."


"I work in the heating business."
by 5n1tch September 05, 2011
to be freaking out or anxious about something. mainly used when referring to being in trouble with the police.
man the cops were after me last night i was heating so bad!
by usuckblahblahblahblahblahblah September 14, 2009
The process of applying heat.
I am heating up my blanket. It will be very warm once I am finished.
by Mati April 13, 2005
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