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A termendous pile of greasy food that is all served on one plate. Quite likely to be seen at buffet restaurants.
*Nick D and one of his friends from the ghetto are out dining at the Golden Corral*

Nick D: *accidently spits out his drink while alarmed by the sight of a morbidly obese man serving himself pounds of fatty meat on a single plate* Holy shit, yo check out that niggapotamus over there serving himself a whole heart attack on a plate!
Nick's homie: I see that. Daaayum, that be one fool who needa check himself before he wrecks himself with that metric shitload of grease.
Nick D: Yeah I bet that sucka's soon gonna need an ox cart to carry his Jabba the Hutt ass around.
by Mark H September 23, 2004
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If you are in Quebec, this is often meant to refer specifically to the national dish of the sovereign nation of Quebec: Poutine. It's fries + tons of cheese curds + hella gravy.
If you are from outside of Quebec, you probably haven't eaten any good poutine
by Poutine. March 14, 2005
Shitloads of greasy food on one plate
Hey fatass mind the heart attack on a plate
by DizzyLizzy June 18, 2007
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