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Headwheel occurs when you are driving, and one of your passengers makes some sort of inane or ridiculous comment that would normally make you headdesk if you were at your computer. The head moves forward and connects with the steering wheel in a manner meant to vent frustration. With many steering wheel designs, headwheel can produce an extended honk, alerting pedestrians and other motorists of the nutcase in your car.

Headwheel also occurs when you are the victim of an overzealous backseat driver.
"You shouldn't be passing other cars at night!"

"Don't go so fast around that turn!"

"Do need a break man? I'm sotally tober enough to drive!"

"That was a tow truck."
"It can still pull us over!"
by OrigD September 06, 2009
When a man receives oral sex while at the same time driving and slams on the breaks, thrusting the victim into the steering wheel and causing the horn to blow.
Traffic: what the fuck are you beeping at moron?!?
Driver: nothing mam, just some head wheel.
by HAVOKKK March 05, 2011
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