1. the eyes

2. a woman's breasts
His lust was apparent when he laid his headlights on her headlights.
by The Return of Light Joker January 04, 2012
The visible outline of a woman's nipples especially when they are erect. Erection can occur due to the change or drop of weather or temperature in an environment, sexual excitation or constant friction. This appearance may get a lot of men aroused.
"girl, I can see your headlights", "look at her headlights", "Are you cold, because I can see your headlights?"
by nelle D. April 25, 2013
A big pimple or zit, usually bright red and/or throbbing, right smack in the middle of your forehead. It is usually very conspicuous and someone will almost certainly call you out on it.
John: yo man... Did you see how good Cindy looked today?
Joe: ya dude.. So hot... Except that big headlight of hers almost blinded me.
by anonu April 22, 2010
Verb: To put a bud in the end of a cigarette and smoke it.
Noun: A bud in the end of a cigarette.
Hey you want to smoke a bowl?
Nah I'm just going to headlight it.

Hey are you guys smoking a joint?
No, its a headlight.
by Roysten November 24, 2008
(n.) The lights on a car that luminate the area directly in front of it. Garuanteed to change on every model.

(n.) large breasts.
Shit, that guy turn down his headlights before he causes and accident.

Woah! Headlights! *receives head*
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004
used to refere to someone who is on meth due to how the eyes seem to be wide open and dialated
Whats up headlights?
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
A game played in a vehicle amongst a large amount of people. Whenever your vehicle drives past a vehicle with a headlight or taillight out, everyone hits the roof of the vehicle. Last one to hit the roof removes an article of clothes. First one naked looses.
The last time I played headlights I was the first naked!
by McCormick&Cocanane April 11, 2015

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