A total pretty girl. She is gorgeous and so friendly. She usually is married.
Myriam's are always taken.
by Myriam S. February 20, 2009
The most beautiful girl you can come across. She has the biggest heart as well. SHe cares for everyone and she is a strong lover. she goes for her dreams & never quits. She may look like kim kardashian, or any other beautiful armenian woman. Most Myriam's are usually paired up with a Luis or a Brian. Myriam has lots of talents and will nothing get in the way of what she loves. Even if it means beating the shit out of someone.
Guy: You sure are one lucky guy!
Luis: Of course I am, she is a Myriam.
by Strivewmn October 20, 2010
a female of Mexican descent who looks Armenian. Big hair is a common trait.
Kim Kardashian might be a Myriam on the down low.
by BBDF July 10, 2008
hebrew "sea of bitterness"
the name Myriam/ Miriam means sea of bitterness in hebrew
by Myriam April 18, 2008

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