to be of great quality, top-notch. Stemming from the adjective "heady" when used to describe high-potency trees or weed. head dogs can also be other cool objects, but said with a cocky burnout tone.
hey guy, i picked up some head dogs. lets get lifted.
yo guy, those studded condoms were head dogs. biatch was screaming like a mofo
by blizzy blaze December 26, 2006
Top Definition
A pounding headache, usually after a night of excessive drinking.
I want to get breakfast, but I have such a massive headdog.
by Road Dogg Jesse James April 14, 2006
An occurrence of one's head coming into contact with a dog, usually with force.
Instances where a headdog is necessary: frustration, drunkenness, humor, etc.
Guy: GAWWD, I AM SEWWWW DRUNK!!!!! *headdog*
Dog: D:<
by Kantatzu August 07, 2009
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