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A private school by the Oakland Hills above Fruitvale. Very expensive, but you'll get a great education. Rival is CPS and rumored to be filled with snobby preps. However, the school is more diverse than most Oakland schools and not really preppy at all. If you can go there you'll make lifelong friends and connect with your teachers.
kid 1: what school d'you go to?
kid 2: Head Royce...
kid 1: luckyyy!
#head royce #oakland hills #private school #cps #headroyce #head-royce #prep school #college prep
by =____= December 21, 2008
A school where for 22,000 a year you can lose sight of everything truly important in life and be taught that 1) money is everything 2) you are better than everyone else ever. EVER. 3) you have to kill to get ahead. It's a guarantee you will make bundles of money someday but have the same amount of fun as a survivor from Auchwitz.
You're cute...Oh wait, you go to Head-Royce, nevermind.
by Juan April 08, 2005
A school with not enough colored people, but the people who are colored there are down to earth. Most people there have no lives, and think they are bad asses, because they have had no real contact with the outside world.....
Bob: Guess what! I got detention today! Aren't I a bad ass?!
Bill: Damn, you go to Head-Royce huh.
#head #lice #rayce #white #hrs #heard
by kittiesrule May 27, 2009
A hella expensive school run by control freaks for control freaks. The kids here are all richies who learn they need more money. They learn that personal life's are not important and that your goals are the most important thing in the world and that you should do whatever it takes to gain them even if you are on the otherside of the law. They will eventually become big buisnes CEO's that have no life, and will make your life as hard as possible because you actually have a life, and dont need to hire hookers to get it on in the bed
CEO: Billy your fired
Billy: Y?
CEO: Cuase you have a wife
Billy: Damn, you suck you mother fucker, you must have gone to Head Royce
#school #boss #life #no #hard #control freaks
by Sneaky Freak November 27, 2007
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