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4 definitions by kittiesrule

A combo of STFU (Shut The Fuck Up) FU (Fuck You) and FUCKu.... (Fuck You)
Used to tell one person all these things without typing them all....
Larry: Dude! I can't believe your girlfriend dumped you!
Gary: Dude why don't you STfuCKu!
by kittiesrule July 07, 2009
1 0
A combination of god & gosh used on chat
PERSON 1: o godsh!
PERSON 2: huh?
PERSON 1: god + gosh! cuz....
by kittiesrule June 20, 2009
2 1
When a person types the lyrics into a chat, like singing but over email or chat.
(on chat)
Mary: Wuzup?
Keri: When looooveeeee commmmmeesssss aaaaarrrroooouuunnndd!
by kittiesrule June 12, 2009
4 5
A school with not enough colored people, but the people who are colored there are down to earth. Most people there have no lives, and think they are bad asses, because they have had no real contact with the outside world.....
Bob: Guess what! I got detention today! Aren't I a bad ass?!
Bill: Damn, you go to Head-Royce huh.
by kittiesrule May 27, 2009
6 23