Considered an exotic food, it is far than being anywhere near exotic. Head cheese is made of the different parts of the heads of different animals that were used for other meats, and called "exotic" when in fact is truly nothing more than a ball of leftovers.
Having a steak and potato dinner at a steak house is more exotic than having a slice of headcheese. Eww...
by Katopolis February 20, 2005
Top Definition
Smegma. The foul smelling and tasting substance found under the foreskin of a man's penis. Is usually composed of dead skin and other body secretions.
My boyfriend wants me to give him a blow job but I can't stand the taste of head cheese.
by DJP August 23, 2003
The cheesy residue that accumulates underneath the foreskin of an uncircumcized man's penis.
I was about to give him a blowjob but the smell of his headcheese made me want to gag.
by Calixity July 29, 2005
Processed meat which has a large percentage of offal, cartilage and other 'waste' parts of butchered animals in it.
I could never bring myself to eat head cheese because I know what goes into it.
by Pierre D June 16, 2006
The stuff that get stuck under your foreskin after masturbating or having sex.

David: brb gonna take a shower to get rid of some headcheese.
by The Great Cornholio Of UD September 14, 2009
The residual ejaculate gathered under the foreskin of the penis before the guy has a chance to shower or clean it away or residual ejaculate left behind by a man whose hygeine habits aren't good, maybe hours or days old.
Oh MAN! I ain't suckin' that sleazy thing baby! Y'all got some old head-cheese left under there!
by MadManManic December 28, 2006
Short lived World Wrestling Federation Tag Team consisting of Al Snow (who carried the Head) and Steve Blackman (Who refused to carry the cheese)
Al: I carry the head, and you'll carry this (holds up a cheese wheel) see? Head. Cheese. Head. Cheese.

Blackman: I am *NOT* going to the ring and having people call me head cheese. Our tag team is simple, you're al snow, I'm Steve Blackman.
by Newbits September 10, 2011
Awesome stuff that accumulates on a hooded dick. Ripens with age. An acquired taste.
that homo loves my headcheese
by Nikhil_Kapoor February 09, 2006
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