nickname for Patrick Danahy aka the worlds meanest soap box derby racer. One time he ran into a haystack. bam. he is epic.
Yo haystacks wanna bake?

Haystacks, wanna come over and paint my car in Aztec Orange for four weeks?
by calisurferbabe89 June 19, 2010
a really fat marijuana joint
Mate, you've gotta roll another one of those haystacks.
by George Mills July 20, 2006
Joking or fun name for a Hairy Pussy.
Aww yeah! You know she wanted me to jump in that haystack!
by Merk22 July 08, 2006
Ben Hanscom from the book "It" by Stephen King. He's called "haystack" by his friends because he's fat.
Ben "Haystack" wears sweatshirts to hide his tuh-hits.
by we all float down here August 18, 2005
Famous CS player who is known as the best in the world. Also can be used as an adjective.
Haystack is the greatest player in the world. or How he is haystacking all over the play. He haystacked me across the map.
by Phil January 15, 2005
a stack of hay dnt be silly with all your CA and shite
i shat on a haystack
by rachel January 23, 2005
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