What uncle will do to you... If you ask nicely... or are just a hot lady who bends over.
Damn! I can't walk straight. Uncle got me with a Haymaker lastnight... I think I need a wheelchair.
by Uncle Salami June 29, 2009
a politically correct way to say queer
That Ian sure does like the haymakers
by jshaw December 16, 2010
A hay maker is when you see a massive punch up and you run in to fight some cunts and you throw the biggest punch at some cunt but you miss...
Tommo: Oi ben i heard you were in a big punch up
ben: yeah mate i threw a few hay makers.
Tommo: lol shays.
by Darren Thomson April 26, 2005
An exceptionally loud, resounding fart.
BOOM, he let one go, a first rate haymaker.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006

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